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Dollar Store Job Choices

Just a few years ago you didn’t see a lot of dollar stores now you see either a Family Dollar, Dollar General, Dollar Tree, Big Lots or a 99 Cents Store in every major shopping mall. Which, means the job sector is growing in these markets and makes it a great choice for those seeking employment. Here’s a little more info about each of these companies and how you can submit job applications directly with each of them.

Submit a Family Dollar Job Application

First introduced in 1959, Family Dollar Stores is the brainchild of Leon Levine. Leon had a dream of opening a low-overhead retail store that offered customers good quality merchandise for a low price. He designed a general layout that could work well for all his stores and a philosophy for running them that would work for all his customers; the customer is the boss. Today, Family Dollar Stores has over 8,000 locations nation-wide and continues to grow. They partner with many major vendors to keep their costs low and is committed to contributing to the non-profit organizations that work in their communities. Family Dollar has position in their stores, corporate office, and distribution centers, and they offer great benefits including a group of health benefits and work life balance benefits.

Submit a Dollar General Job Application

Dollar General can trace its roots back to 1939, and today has over 10,000 stores, making it the nation’s largest small box retailer. They work with many top-quality brands like General Mills, Kellogg’s, and Proctor & Gamble. The company is committed to giving back to the communities where they do business and has implemented programs for recycling and energy efficiency. They also run a literacy program that has been going strong for 20 years. Dollar General has career opportunities in retail and distribution centers, as well as in the corporate office. They are especially committed to giving veterans a job and workplace diversity.

Submit a Dollar Tree Job Application

The first dollar store in Dollar Tree’s line was opened in 1986. They currently have over 4,700 stores in the US and Canada. They are a customer oriented store focused on giving back to the nation. They are a national sponsor of Operation Home front, a non-profit that provides emergency assistance to wounded veterans and families of service people. They also support an initiative that helps classrooms start native wetlands. Dollar Tree has exceptional job opportunities for college graduates with their CORE executive training program that recruits the best candidates from colleges around the country. Dollar Tree offers many benefits for employees including health, time off, and profit sharing.

Submit a Big Lots Job Application

Big Lots is America’s largest closeout retailer. Opened in 1967, they currently have over 1,400 retail locations in 48 states. They specialize in supplying brand name closeouts and bargains that attract shoppers looking for a treasure hunt. Their constantly changing selection of goods keeps customers coming back and has propelled them to nearly $5 billion in annual sales. They have conducted toy drives for Toys for Tots since 1994, and donate money to needy schools through the Lots! 2 Give charity. Big Lots offers a 12 week internship program to help develop potential managers and also offer many positions in retail and corporate settings. They encourage their employees to make decisions and use their creativity to make Big Lots even better.

Submit a 99 Cents Only Job Application

99 Cents Only Stores first opened in 1982 and has 332 stores. Their annual per store revenue of $5 million is the highest in the dollar store industry. They focus on name brand consumable goods sold at a deep discount. Partner brands include Coke, Del Monte, General Mills, and Frito Lay. They believe that their success is attributable to their associates, and treat them as if they were family. In addition to benefits like health, dental, and a 401k program, they also offer their employees discounted tickets to attractions and events. Being a 99 Cent Only Store employee means being part of a fun work environment that is committed to retaining the best employees and making them happy.