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When it comes to buying daily household items, 99 Cents Only Stores are a perfect place to stop and pick everything you need for the week. Providing every basic item that you could possibly need in your house, from dinnerware to makeup, 99 Cents Only Stores are extremely popular among shoppers. The company has evolved into a large retail store chain across Texas, Nevada, Arizona and California with a network of around 300 store locations. With this widespread network of operations, the company is a major employer in the US. You can find a wide range of job opportunities at the company that can suit you, whether you want to start a career or you are looking for advancement and growth. From store jobs to corporate careers, the company provides a chance to employees to work in a growing and dynamic environment.

Job Application Process at 99 Cents Only Stores

The available jobs in 99 Cents Only Stores are offered in three major areas, retail, logistics and store support center. The jobs are available on hourly basis as well as full and part time jobs. However, the store-based hourly jobs require you to visit the stores personally and fill out an application form. The company carries out hiring entirely through their own website and does not have job openings listed with agencies or on job portals. To apply at 99 Cents Only Stores, you can visit the Career Center on their website. All currently available full-time and part-time jobs in the company are listed at the site along with complete job descriptions and specifications. You can read through them to decide which job openings are suitable for you so that you can apply for the most suitable ones. Once you decide, you can start with the application. At the start of the application process, you can provide a resume but this is optional. After that, you will be required to create an account with the website where you can create your personal profile. You will be required to provide your personal, educational and professional information along with your resume. After you have completed the application process, you can wait for the officials to contact you.

General Job Application Tips

Common Jobs Found

Due to its wide operational network, 99 Cents Only Stores provide employment opportunities in different states across the country to entry-level workers as well as experienced professionals. The work environment that the company offers is highly diverse, energetic and fun, where employees can get all the chances to grow and advance their careers. The hourly positions available at the company include Cashier, Assistant Store Manager, Stocker and other similar positions in the store and logistics department. Other job positions commonly available at the company include Store Managers, Supply Chain Systems Developers, Senior Analyst, IT Manager, Application Developer, Senior Buyer and Financial Analyst.

Minimum Age Requirements

The minimum age requirement to work at 99 Cents Only Stores is 18 years of age. However, hourly jobs can be offered to those above 16 years of age in certain circumstances. The age requirements for specific jobs will also vary according to the job specifications.

Salary Packages

If you are working at 99 Cents, you can rest assured that the company offers competitive salary packages to all its employees. The jobs at entry-level start well above average minimum wage rate at the company. The annual average pay of Cashiers, Sales Associate and Stock Associate is around $20,000. People in the management can also earn a handsome amount. The annual pay of Store Managers varies between 46,000 and 55,000. The top level managers at the company can earn as much as $136,000 annually on average.

Employment Benefits

The handsome salary package is not all that 99 Cent Only Stores offers its employees as compensation. Several other benefits are also provided including: • Medical, Dental and Vision Health Plans • Life Insurance • Accidental Death Insurance • Long Term Disability Insurance • Flexible Spending Accounts • 401(k) Retirement Saving Plan • Vacation and Holidays • Credit Union Membership • Direct Deposit • Merchandise Discount Program • Discount Tickets • Verizon Wireless Corporate Discount

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For all those who want to make a career in the retail industry, 99 Cent Stores are the perfect place to get started. Interaction with a large number of diverse customers and colleagues, and the constant challenges of adapting to the growth of the company can make for a satisfying career option. If you are fun, professional, hard-working, flexible and particular about customer service, the work environment of 99 Cent Stores matches you perfectly. So, make sure you apply at the company whether it is an entry-level job that you are looking for or a higher management positions. In all work areas, the company provides equally excellent chances of personal growth and development, allowing you to create an admirable career in retail. You can find job openings at 99 Cent Store by visiting here or you can also access the printable application here.